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Things You Should Know

  • You are expected to wear your nametag at all times.

  • You will receive a Student Handbook, T-shirt, tote bag, 3-ring binder, 3-subject spiral notebook, curriculum and textbooks upon arrival at GSIS.

  • There may be field trips (locations to be announced).  These field trips will be paid for by the program, however you may want to bring funds along for souvenirs or snacks.

  • There are a few occasions where meals will not be provided on campus. A stipend will be provided to each student for these occasions, however, you may want to bring additional money to supplement the stipend.

  • Mail will be delivered to the dormitory by the Resident Counselors. If you are expecting a package, check with your Resident Counselor or a faculty member on duty. There will be no mail on the weekends. Your mailing address is GSIS, University of Memphis, 107 Scates Hall, Memphis, TN, 38152.

  • The University Bookstore is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed weekends).

 What to Bring

  1. Identification: You will need a state issued photo ID in order to get your University of Memphis ID card.

  2. Linens: Twin size sheets (beds are extra long - longer than usual twin size) It is recommended that you bring 2 top sheets, no fitted, blanket, comforter or spread and pillow.

  3. Towels and toiletries: Please bring towels and wash cloths. Also bring any other toiletry items you may need for the five weeks. The University Bookstore sells some items, but will not have the selection you use. Bathrooms are communal.  A bathrobe, slippers, shower shoes, and a caddy for toiletries are recommended.  Blow dryers are permitted.

  4. Telecommunications: Rooms are equipped with a modular jack. You may bring a telephone. Cell phones are permitted and recommended. (See Rules and Regulations for restrictions on use.) Local calls are free. Long distance service is available with a calling card or by calling collect.

  5. Cameras, digital cameras, and camcorders; batteries and battery chargers.

  6. Appropriate clothing: The residence hall and the classroom buildings are air conditioned. The weather will be mostly hot and humid, but classrooms can be cool. Be sure to pack a light-weight jacket or some long sleeves shirts. You will want to have at least one dressy outfit for special events and/or church.

  7. Each dorm has a free laundry room facility. Be sure to abide by the rules and regulations posted for use of the laundry. Laundry detergent and fabric softener is NOT provided; please bring your own.

  8. Pen, paper, envelopes and stamps: You will want to write home and tell everyone about the great time you are having!

  9. Basic school supplies: notebooks, pens, and pencils. Textbooks, a binder, and one notebook are provided.  You must supply your own additional/special supplies.

  10. Computer (desk or laptop,) calculators, flashdrives, ethernet cable, alarm clock, coat hangers, clothes iron, lamps, small sewing kit, umbrella, shower shoes, swim suits, and Lysol.  Many of the buildings on-campus are set up for wireless internet, including the residence hall.  Snack and vending machines in the residence hall and around campus. Small refrigerators are allowed.

  11. Any prescription medications listed on your health form. If you use over-the-counter medications, please be sure they are listed on the health form. This includes pain relievers, vitamins, supplements, and allergy/cold medications.

  12. MODEL UNITED NATIONS (MUN)—You will wear Western business attire (or appropriate international costume) for MUN. 

What NOT to Bring!

  1. Toaster ovens, hot plates, slow cookers, woks, coffee makers, hot air popcorn poppers, microwaves and any other heat producing items. These items are strictly prohibited in the residence halls. If you bring these items to campus, they will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of GSIS.

  2. Bicycles, skate boards, roller blades, or any other form of pedestrian transportation.

  3. Please do not use masking tape or other adhesive products to hang anything on the walls that will take the paint off when removed.

  4. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on University controlled property.

  5. The use, possession or distribution of narcotics or illegal substances is prohibited on University property.

  6. Do not bring explosives, fireworks, flammable materials, firearms, knives of any type, or any other item that could be construed as a weapon.  They are absolutely prohibited. IF IN DOUBT, GIVE US A CALL, OR LEAVE IT AT HOME.

  7. Cars.  If you drive yourself to Memphis, you will be asked to park your car.  Your keys will be checked in.  You will be given the keys once weekly, to start the car in order to run it for 15-20 minutes to preserve battery life.  The keys will be returned to you at the end of Governor's School.


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