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Resident Counselor Information Resident Counselor Information
The Governor's School for International Studies is one of twelve programs established in State Universities of Tennessee for gifted and talented high school students. The GSIS typically is conducted on the University of Memphis campus during the month of June.

There will be approximately 88 students participating in the resident program at the University of Memphis. Participants are selected by a state wide competition and will be rising junior and seniors.

Students will be housed on campus, two to a room. Resident Counselors will have a private room, if space permits.

Resident Counselors (RC) will report for duty on the Thursday before the students arrive on Sunday. The Governor's School for International Studies provides students with the opportunity to earn six hours college credit, a stimulating academic experience and a full range of residential and extracurricular activities,

Each Resident Counselor will be responsible for supervising the residential life of approximately 8-10 students, and should be able to relate to the academic and creative life of the Governor's School community. The priorities of the RC are the health and welfare of the students and the fostering of community within the group. An overview of qualifications and duties follows:


  1. Twenty years of age or over preferred.

  2. College student or recent graduate.

  3. Applicants with a minimum GPA 3.0 preferred, but other qualified applicants with needed skills and experience may apply.

  4. Counseling skills to establish rapport with high school students.

  5. Some experience in counseling such as residence hall advisor, camp counselor, water safety instructor, etc. will be helpful and strengthen your application.

  6. Have international career or interests, e.g. foreign language study, international studies or international business majors, foreign travel or residence, etc.


  1. Explain, support, and enforce the rules and regulations of GSIS.

  2. General supervision of students in dormitory.

  3. Check in students at curfew nightly.

  4. Participate actively in planning and carrying out student orientation. Attend all initial plenaries and group meetings.

  5. Meet weekly with the students for whom you have direct responsibility to review the general problems and responsibilities of group living and deal with specific problems.

  6. Develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with students, initiating contacts, and stimulating conversation. In order to foster these relationships, all resident counselors should attend the equivalent of at least three classes a week with the students.

  7. Assist with planning and supervising GSIS students' free time. This requires identifying the recreational and intramural interests of the students and organizing related activities.

  8. Accompany students of field trips of both academic and non-academic nature. As this may require driving, a RC should have a valid driver's license.

  9. Provide counseling and advising of students concerning personal and social adjustments to residential life.

  10. Coordinate check-in and check-out of students at the beginning and end of school.

  11. Be able to tutor students in their "for-credit" classes.

Important Note:

A RC duty roster will be prepared. Resident Counselors will be assigned specific day and night duties. Although you will not be on duty every day and night, the community life of the Governor's School is very demanding. Therefore, Resident Counselors may take a maximum of one class (3 hours.) (Hours outside Governor's School must not conflict with RC duties.)


    1. Salary plus room and board, all entrance fees, etc. for field trips
    2. The gratitude of some of the state's brightest high school students
    3. A really good credit for your resume


Resident Counselor Application

Resident Counselor Reference Form (3 reference forms are needed)

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