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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I receive notification of an incomplete application due to not having a foreign language?

Using the teacher reference or counselor recommendation form (you can download these forms at the State of Tennessee website) please indicate when you will take the required foreign language and return the completed form. This will be filed with your application and you will still be considered for the school.

Who is eligible?

The brightest and most talented 10th and 11th graders currently enrolled in Tennessee's public and private high schools. To be eligible, students should be in the upper ten percent of their high school class in performance and/or capability. Each student applying must also submit confidential recommendations from their guidance counselor and two teachers recommendations that identify the applicant as talented, highly motivated, mature, and a high achiever.

What does it cost?

If you are accepted, you will receive a full scholarship for program expenses. The only thing you will have to pay for is your transportation to and from the campus, your text books (which can be rented, if rental copies are available) and your own personal spending money. Everything else - dorms, tuition, meals, special trips, lectures, and labs- will all be provided for you. The program is funded by the Department of Education through funds appropriated by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.

How will the students be selected?

The selection for the academic areas will be made at the state level. Committees, appointed by the State Department of education, will go over each student's application material, transcripts, personal data sheets, and recommendations - looking for the most exceptional students in Tennessee. They will select the students that will attend each school. They will also select a number of alternates for each school. You will receive a letter from each school you applied to notifying you if you have been accepted, have not been accepted, or have been selected as an alternate.

Can I apply for more than one school?

Yes. However, since the dates of the programs overlap, if you are accepted for more than one school, you will have to decide which program you would like to attend.

If I accept one Governor's School, will I have a chance to accept another one later if vacancies occur?

No, unfortunately you will not have a chance to accept another school later.

What do I do if I am invited to more than one Governor's School?

Each school to which you have been invited needs to be notified one way or the other whether or not you plan to accept. Since there are only a small number of total spaces available, the invitations that you do not accept will then be offered to applicants on alternate lists. Your cooperation here is greatly needed and appreciated.

If I attended one of the past Governor's Schools, may I apply to attend this summer?

No person who previously attended a Tennessee Governor's School will be accepted.  No-shows and/or drop-outs (without prior approval) will not be allowed to reapply.

If the school required two specific types of teacher recommendations and I have only had one what should I do?

Contact the director of the school to which you are applying.

Can disabled students apply?

Yes, disabled students can apply, but must meet the criteria.

When will students be notified of selections?

Notification will be sent to all students by the end of March. This means the schools have until Friday of that week to mail and/or email their letters, so you may not receive your notification until the first of the next week. You will receive notification from each of the schools to which you applied.

Other than grades, test scores, etc., what will raters look at in this application?

The recommendations from teachers and guidance counselors are very important. For instance, if two applications are given the same rating what the teachers and guidance counselors have said may result in a high score.

Do I stay for the entire term?

The program is intensive and highly individualized which requires that participants must be committed to staying on campus for the entire term.  Classes and special activities will be planned for the entire term. Including weekends! Absences from scheduled activities will not be permitted except in the case of emergencies, and you will have to have permission from the Director. You will not be excused to attend other camps or seminars, to take family vacations, attend weddings, have senior pictures taken, etc. Come prepared to stay, to study, and to have fun!
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