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Max Garzon

Professor, Computer Science
Campus: Main
Office Phone: (901) 678-3136
Areas of Expertise:
Biomolecular computing
Computer interfacing
Data mining
Electronic commerce
Emotions in humans, animals and machines
Evolutionary computation
Foundations of computer science
Fuzzy logic
Genetic algorithms
History of science
Human-computer interaction
Memory, human and machine
Molecular systematics
Neural networks
Web mining
Web page programming

About the Expert:
My research currently focuses on interactive computation. Two main threads are biomolecular computing (both in-vitro and in-silico) and human-computer interaction, particularly the design and implementation of web-based virtual agents for IT education and e-commerce. Current work is continuing to develop EdnaCo, a distributed virtual test tube to assess the reliability and efficiency of biomolecules in experiments to solve computational and biotechnology problems. Outcomes of this work are new methods for microarrayrndesign and analysis, syntethic models of biological processes (such as malariarninfection by p. falciparum), and DNA-based associative memories for storing and mining terabytes of data in feasible times. Other works have helped create avatars for autonomous intelligent tutors and real-time high bandwith videophones. Other interdisciplinary research interests include foundations of computing, neural networks and applications of computer science (e.g., e-commerce.) Further details can be found on my web sites and

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